DMF Day – August 6

DMF Day, August, 6, 2020

On the first Friday of August, 1801, people began to arrive on the grounds of the Cane Ridge Church, where a Presbyterian minister named Barton Warren Stone was hosting a Great Sacrament. Over the coming days, the Holy Spirit would move throughout the grounds at Cane Ridge, moving people to faith in Christ and giving birth to a movement for Christian unity.

At Cane Ridge, people were charged, changed, and overtaken by the Spirit. Today, more than 200 years later, that same Spirit shows up in our lives, ministries and programming.

On the anniversary of the Cane Ridge Revival, we are celebrating DMF Day, a giving day to support Disciples Mission Fund. Disciples Mission Fund helps to fund over 70 ministries of the church, including the work of the Christian Church In Kentucky.

In just the past few months, Disciples Mission Fund has provided:

  • Grants for churches and support for pastors in crisis
  • Resources and support for online worship
  • Help for congregations and regions applying for financial assistance
  • Virtual church camp experiences

And so much more.

Won’t you join with Disciples across the U.S. and Canada in blessing the mission and ministry of the church? You can make your gift online, or you can give by mail to Disciples Mission Fund, PO Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN 46206. When sending a check, please write DMFday in the memo line.

Give online for DMF Day!

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