Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Update 8-9-22

Most counties are reporting having an overabundance of blessings and are pausing the receipt of in-kind donations unless they are for a specific request made by affected families. Organizations are being asked to procure donation requests from the centralized distribution centers before bringing any donations into the county.

Local volunteers are needed at the donation and distribution centers in various counties. 

To volunteer in Breathitt County, pastors/leaders can contact Jamie Mullins-Smith at (606) 233-3502 or Sign-up Online here: https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/1136989235757022055/false#/invitation. Breathitt County has been very responsive and very well organized, but with that being said, disaster response is not something they do every day, so please extend some grace as they figure things out and get volunteers organized. 

Breathitt County (Jamie Mullins-Smith)

  • Need volunteers for donation center and to inventory donations
  • Extremely blessed and do not need any more donations unless they are specifically asked for
  • Partnered with Aspire Appalachia, working with Amazon for deliveries to distribution sites.
  • Working to coordinate the donations and communicating amongst groups who have need.
  • Going to reach out to Perry, Letcher, and Knott counties to try and fill needs elsewhere
  • Breathitt County Disaster Response 2022 on FB

Perry County HDA (Chris Doll)

  • Needs: box fans, camping tents (2-6 person) and air mattresses, flat bottomed shovels, rakes, wide push brooms, tarps, towels, sheets, blankets, OTC meds (advil, baby aspirin, tums)
  • Consolidated all donation points into one distribution center in the old JC Penney building.
  • Need more volunteers to staff the distribution center
  • Foundation for Appalachian KY provided $250 direct assistance checks to people affected by flooding 
  • self-reported numbers are 959 families having a total loss

Pike County (Jim Morse) and County Pine Mountain Partnership (Jeffrey Justice)

  • Will be scheduling a town hall meeting to talk about crisis clean-up, Fema, and additional resources
  •  Hearing about some people not wanting their floors pulled up due to concerns about not having anything to put back down and concern about not being able to get homes dried out and a fear of mold
  • There is still a need for some tree removals

Thank you for your prayers and the assistance you are providing to our brothers and sisters in Eastern Kentucky. I will continue to provide you with updates regarding relief efforts as I receive them.

Rev. Dr. Donald K. Gillett, II

Regional Minister

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