Eastern Kentucky Flooding

Dear Family and Friends of the Christian Church in Kentucky,

We continue to grieve the loss of life, precious artifacts, and property in Eastern Kentucky and surrounding states.  The flooding is so severe that most of us have a family member or friend who is impacted by the disaster.  We are thankful for the outpouring of love, concern, energy, and finances from our congregations.

Now is the time to support our first responders.  Community ESS workers, State and Federal workers, and nonprofits organizations are acting on our behalf.  They need our prayers, encouragement, and finances.  You are invited to consider a gift to “Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund” https://secure.kentucky.gov/FormServices/Finance/EKYFloodRelief, Week of Compassion https://www.weekofcompassion.org/donate.html or a local community organization endorsed by your church or community government.

As our mountain communities move from search, rescue, and emergency care to support and shelter, our congregations and additional nonprofits will move into action. Please know that if your congregation in District 10 or 11 opens for ministries of feeding and shelter, you may be eligible for a Week of Compassion grant (contact Reverend Gillett for more information).  In time, we will all be able to join in the rebuilding of the area. Your volunteer labor and gifts to organizations like the Week of Compassion, Disciples Volunteering (DHM), and the Region will be helpful.  Again, please support the efforts of the residents of Eastern Kentucky by honoring their leadership, local government, ESS workers, community organizations and churches.  

Our Creator: Tornadoes, storms and floods have brought destruction upon your people living in Western Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky during the past year.  We are all grieving and seeking to help our neighbors.  We pray for all those devastated by natural disasters. We remember all those whose lives and livelihoods are threatened by the floodwaters still encompassing Eastern Kentucky.  We are especially mindful of our children as school begins without shelter or roads for transportation.

Almighty Creator, we ask that you pour your blessings on all those who have lost their homes, their jobs, securities and hopes amidst the storms.  May you bring them comfort and consolation while surrounding them with our prayers for strength and the presence of our love and actions. We stand in solidarity with the people of Eastern Kentucky and  remember Jesus who calms the storms that befall us.  Amen.

Rev. Dr. Donald K. Gillett, II, Regional Minister and Rev. Dr. Lon Oliver, District Minister 10 and 11

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