DMF from Congregations Down Through June

Through the first six months of 2020, Disciples Mission Fund giving from congregations is down 27% from the same period in 2019. The difference of $78,600 represents a decrease of $31,440 in ministry resources available to the Region. The Region depends on the generosity of local congregations to Disciples Mission Fund for 62% of its operating resources.

A decrease in regular Disciples Mission Fund giving also impacts our general ministry partners, such as the Office of General Minister and President, Disciples Home Missions, and Higher Education and Leadership Ministries. So far this year, these ministries and other general ministry partners have seen a decrease of $47,160 from Kentucky.

Across the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Disciples Mission Fund giving is down 15% from 2019 giving, a difference of $469,000 in ministry resources available to general, regional, and higher education ministries.

Our world and our communities continue to exist in uncertain times. However, the ministry of the church continues. The Gospel is as important today as it was this time last year or last century. The church has carried on its ministry through the generosity of its saints, those who have given time and treasure to the ministry of the Gospel

Please consider doing these three things.

  1. Maintain your giving to your local congregation. If you are able, please consider increasing your giving.
  2. Encourage your congregation to maintain its giving to the mission and ministry of the wider church through Disciples Mission Fund.
  3. If you have done items one and two, you can make a designated gift to the Region’s ministry by visiting the Donate page on the Region’s web site.

View the Disciples Mission Fund Comparative report for June 2020

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