West Area Calls Transitional Minister

Rev. Rachel Nance Woehler

The Christian Church in Kentucky – West Area is pleased to announce that Rev. Rachel Nance Woehler has been called to serve as the Transitional West Area Minister. A celebration and service of installation will be part of the All Disciples Sing on Sunday, September 29 at 4pm (Central Time) at First Christian Church in Madisonville. First Christian Church is located at 1030 College Drive in Madisonville.

Rachel is a co-convener of Potluck Church in Madisonville, as well as a co-convener of the Kentucky region’s New Church Ministry Team and a certified new church planter through Hope Partnership’s Leadership Academy. She has previously served as the first vice moderator of the Christian Church in Kentucky, board secretary of the Christian Church in Kentucky-West Area, chair of the Camp Kum-Ba-Ya advisory team, ecumenical regional representative to the Ecclesia Movement of the Mid-Kentucky Presbytery, and interim youth minister at First Christian in Madisonville.

After graduating from Transylvania University and Vanderbilt University Divinity School, Rachel was ordained in 2001 at First Christian in Madisonville and then served until 2008 as associate minister at St. Paul’s Christian Church in Raleigh, N.C. While in North Carolina, she advised the Regional Cabinet for Youth Work and was a member of the regional Commission on Leadership. In her student years, she learned about ministry while serving as associate dean of the Disciples Divinity House-Vanderbilt, intern at both Woodmont Christian Church (Nashville, Tenn.) and First Christian Church of Madisonville, and Cane Ridge District summer apprentice.

Rachel lives in “The Best Town on Earth” with her husband, Eric; their daughter, Virginia; cat, River; and dog, Ella.

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