Board Approves Agenda for Called Assembly

The Regional Board met via video conference on Friday, June 7. The Board received the report of the Transition Team regarding the restructure of the regional board. That report includes proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Christian Church in Kentucky. The board unanimously approved forwarding the amendments as the only item of business for the called regional assembly to be held at First Christian Church, Glasgow, on Saturday, August 17.

In other business, the board approved three motions from the Budget and Funds Committee. The first motion was to approve the annual draw for 2018 from the Region’s Joint Investment Trust of $77,407. The draw is based on a five-year average fund balance and represents 3.8% of the fund value as of April 30, 2019.

The second motion from Budget and Funds proposed to update fixed asset for Camp Kum-Ba-Ya in the Region’s statement financial position (balance sheet) based on the capital improvements in the amount of $121,252 made to the camp facilities. Furthermore, in light of those capital improvements, Budget and Funds proposed to forgive the payable from Camp Kum Ba Ya in the amount of $92,597.

Finally, the Budget and Funds Committee moved to approve funds for the work of the Executive Search Team up to $5,000 during this biennium. This work was not included in the budget that was passed by the Regional Assembly in October 2018.

All three motions from Budget and Funds were approved unanimously.

The board also approved the seven members of the Executive Search Team with Rev. Kory Wilcoxson serving as chair.


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