Choose Your Shoes at Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge Christian Church, Choose Your Shoes
Tim Polley, front, with members of Dry Ridge Christian Church.

Dry Ridge Christian Church in Northern Kentucky is an active, mission-driven church. The congregation has a strong community presence and is known for their outreach and love for others. Most recently, the congregation sponsored a wonderful ministry day at the church. Tim Polley, pastor of the congregation, shared the following about the special outreach project of the church.

On July 28, the Dry Ridge Christian Church held their annual Choose Your Shoes program. The program, designed to assist parents as they prepare their pre-school and elementary children for school, provides a shoe store that is open one day for a designated time.

A small meal is available as they wait their turn. This year, 144 children got to pick out new shoes before school begins. Dry Ridge Christian Church also assists the schools throughout the year in providing new shoes when the need arises.

Well done, good and faithful servants. You make your companion Disciples congregations grateful for your presence and your commitment to loving your neighbors.

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