CCK’s (Outstanding) Women’s Ministries

 It is through Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries experiences that the Region is faithful to the call to work with women to develop congregational leaders and provide fellowship opportunities for the women of the church. Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries encourages stewardship and makes good stewards. Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries encourages and provides opportunities for service and mission, and works to give Kentucky Disciples women the tools necessary to live out their faith in their local congregations, communities and the church at large.  The stated purpose of our mutual ministry is: “Disciples Women’s Ministries is a conduit for diverse connections empowering each woman to lend her voice and live out her call.  (Micah 6:8) We seek to be a network of women committed to the justice-seeking, compassion-focused mission of Jesus Christ with no membership requirements or conditions.”

Disciples Women of all ages in Kentucky are given opportunities throughout the year to educate themselves on matters of social justice, biblical knowledge and interpretation, and relevant faith matters; spend quality time with their sisters from across the region; gain resources for the building up of the church on the congregational level and in the community; develop local, national, and global social action emphasis projects; take time for self-care and time apart with specialized retreats; and, to learn to become good stewards of finances, time, and creation’s resources. 

Each year, Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries sponsors and facilitates a specialized weekend for all the singers in the state through its Women’s Chorus retreat, typically held in March.   Following on the heels of the choral retreat are two Spring Conferences which bring together Disciples church leaders, theologians, biblical scholars, preachers, accomplished musicians, and community leaders for an informative, inspirational day of worship and workshops, all relevant to the times in which we live. The information gained at these conferences has proven to be invaluable for Disciples Women’s groups all over the region.

Summer brings about the Quilters, Knitters and Crafters retreat at the Kentucky Leadership Conference Center in Jabez, KY. Retreat attendees come together with others who love to spend time together worshipping, praying, sewing, knitting, and sharing stories about how their crafts and quilting are intrinsically woven into their faith journeys.

Fall brings about two other popular retreats that provide time for reflection and self-care. Women come together in the beautiful natural setting of a Kentucky State Park for the first of the fall retreats.  Well-known keynoters are brought in to offer four sessions of learning experiences and faith enhancement drama, prayer exercises, and conversations. You will be refreshed and renewed by this wonderful retreat experience.

Knob’s Haven Retreat Center in Loretto, KY provides the perfect environment for the second of our fall retreats, a three-day silent retreat.  Participants begin their silence on Friday evening and break it on Sunday at noon. An experienced retreat leader facilitates the retreat providing resources to use for prayer and study, or you can simply use the silence and time to restore your spirit and reconnect with the Holy. 

All Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries events are planned and implemented by a group of volunteer women who form the women’s ministries cabinet.  These women have a passion for women’s ministries and work to make sure your retreat and conference experiences bring about the fulfillment of the mission to be a conduit for connections and to empower women to live out their faith to become justice-seeking, compassion focused women of God.  Linda J. Jones, CCK Associate Regional Minister, staffs your women’s ministries programming for the Region.

To learn more about upcoming women’s ministries events, visit or call the regional office at 859-233-1391. 

Linda Jones
CCK Associate Regional Minister





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