Ministry Story of First Christian Church, Versailles

I have been asked by Greg, our General Minister, to join with the Christian Church In Kentucky (CCK) staff in conducting congregational interviews from time to time.   Before I jump into such an undertaking, I want to reflect on why I believe such an endeavor is important.  The common wisdom on social media suggests that the church has become a stumbling stone to those who would seek to follow Jesus.  (Of course, if we define the church as a building, I might agree.  We all know the folly of placing more value on our paraments than on the Law, Prophets, and Gospel.)  That said, I would argue, that since ours is an incarnational faith, the ecclesia—the Church–is foundational to belief.  God is always more convincing veiled in flesh. 

And so today, I remember the mission team of the First Christian Church of Versailles, Kentucky who is stranded in Port au Prince, Haiti, as many Haitians express their anger regarding higher fuel costs through rioting in the streets.   “Everyone is safe,” Pastor Marcus Lynn reports.  Marcus has a deep love of the Haitian people and is helping the mission team understand the complexities at work in a country where about 80% of the people earn less than $2 a day.  He explains, “many Haitians are angry with their government. It’s a long convoluted story, but I certainly sympathize with them.”  Marcus continues, “There is not a single report of Americans being targeted. We feel safe where we are.”

I know you join the staff of the CCK in praying for all our many congregational mission groups.  Today, we remember FCC Versailles and the people of Haiti.  We look forward to hearing about your congregation’s mission story.  May we “Publish glad tidings, tidings of peace, tidings of Jesus, redemption, and release.”


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