Ministry Story of Madison Avenue Christian Church, Covington

One of the most vital ministries in northern Kentucky is the dinner program at Madison Avenue Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Covington.  Madison Avenue feeds over 15,000 people -mostly homeless and working poor every year.  The congregation partners with different agencies in the area who come to speak on dinner nights about services that are available and give them the names of the people they should ask for when they seek help.

To do this ministry takes 200 volunteers and strong team leaders.  The passionate support of this congregation, that knows that God has called them to be a transforming presence where God has placed them, is a solid foundation.  They are helped by participation from the larger community and local government.

Madison Avenue stands out to the citizens of Covington as a church that cares about the poor and does more than pray for them.  Knowing that the congregation keeps quite a few people from going to bed hungry tells the community that this church is a place that provides opportunities to volunteer and donate.

A second ministry of Madison Avenue is called SAMARITAN CAR CARE.  This program provides basic car maintenance for single mothers (primarily) in the area so that they can have reliable transportation, which is vital to keeping their jobs and to be able to take their children to daycare.  This ministry not only takes advantage of volunteers who have the skills to work on cars, but also folks who can answer the phone and schedule appointments.  A donated shop with hydraulic lift is made available along with donations of auto parts and delivery.  Madison Avenue is working very hard to sustain these ministries that they do very well.




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