Woman to Woman Worldwide – Journey to Morocco

From Linda Jones

The Disciples Women/Disciples Home Missions webpage explains one of its ongoing, successful women’s ministries programs in this way:

Woman to Woman Worldwide (W-2-W) offers a way to respond to the call for Disciples Women to experience solidarity with one another, to affirm the unity of the Church in Jesus Christ, and to join the common struggle for justice and peace in the world today by educating and advocating for those needs. This opportunity is not a ‘hands-on’ mission. It is an experience in listening to our sisters of other countries to learn from them and what it means to be a woman of faith in their context. These international, ecumenical, and personal experiences encourage faithful women to see the world through new eyes and bring that perspective back to their congregation and community.

The Woman-to-Woman Worldwide program is sponsored by International Disciples Women’s Ministries and is administered by the staff of Disciples Women in conjunction with Global Ministries.

Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries has sponsored 45 women on 29 different W-2-W journeys since the very first trip to the Philippines in 1989. Jo Elkins of Clintonville was one of Kentucky’s first W-2-W representatives. These travel experiences are funded by Kentucky Disciples Women’s offerings from women’s spring conferences and retreats and retreat theme basket sales.

Pastor Syvoskia Bray Pope of Louisville just spent 12 days in Morocco as the Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries representative to this year’s Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journey. We received regular communication via social media from Syvoskia throughout her travels, and she states that this experience has been life changing for her and the dozen women from across the country who were her companions on this journey. Throughout 2020, Pastor Bray Pope will be available to visit your congregation upon request to tell you about her trip and what she learned about the culture and the lives of the women and children she was able to spend time with while there. Information on how to contact Syvoskia for her to visit your women’s groups and other interested groups within the life of your congregations will be available in the near future.

Also, stories from Morocco and opportunities to support service projects for women and children throughout Morocco will be given in this next year’s Just Women! bible study.

Rev. Syvoskia Bray Pope is pastor of New Century Fellowship Christian Church in Louisville. She serves as Second Vice Moderator of the CCK Board, is co-chair for CCK’s New Church Ministries team, and is a member of CCK’s Reconciliation Ministries team, as well as serving as a trainer for the region’s newly instituted anti-racism/pro-reconciliation training.

For more information on Woman to Woman Worldwide, visit the women’s ministries page on the Disciples Home Missions website at www.discipleshomemissions.org.

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