Summer 2019 at Wakon’Da-Ho

From Dave Carr, Staff Consultant to the Camp Wakon’Da Ho Site Team

It is our tradition that Labor Day weekend is the end of the Wakon’Da-Ho camping season. Now is the time when the Camp Site Team goes to work reading evaluations, assessing our successes and identifying our opportunities to improve. We are very pleased that more than 600 children, youth and adults were part of the 2019 Wakon’Da-Ho community, which is the most in five years.

Our evaluations were extremely positive; however, two areas where we could improve are consistently mentioned, our bathhouses and our lack of a swimming pool. The Site Team, in its ongoing effort to provide the best possible outdoor ministry experience, has plans for a new bathhouse in hand and will begin fundraising in the very near future. We also have the resources in place to construct a swimming facility. If all goes well, both projects will be completed before the 2021 camping season.

Naturally we will need your help and the help of all our partners to make this happen. More information about how you can participate and detailed descriptions of these new amenities is forthcoming. This is a project the entire church can get excited about.

It is our objective that these facilities and other planned improvements will increase the number of event days at camp. The new bathhouse will have heating and air-conditioning so your church can plan retreats year around. Late summer and early fall swimming events can be easily managed. We are very much looking forward to more and more use of Camp Wakon’Da-Ho.

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