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It is through Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries/Christian Women’s Fellowship experiences that the Region is faithful to the call to work with women to develop congregational leaders and provide fellowship opportunities for the women of the church in an effort to build a sense of connectedness to the larger church. Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries encourages stewardship and makes good stewards. Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries faithfully encourages and provides opportunities for service and mission, and works to give Kentucky Disciples women the tools necessary to live out their faith in local congregations, their communities and the church at large

Kentucky Disciples Women’s Chorus Retreat

February 20-22, 2015

Beargrass Christian Church, Louisville

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Kentucky Disciples Women In Action

Musicians Andra Moran and Sarah Williams from Nashville at 2012 Spring Conference in Lexington

Deborah Garr at 2012 Spring Conference in Lexington

Three generations of women are pictured in this group of Disciples women from Sinking Fork Christian Church


Sharon Watkins, GMP, Melvia Fields, Disciples lay leader, and Pat Donahoo, Executive Director of Office of Disciples Women’s Ministries at Spring Conference in Lexington in April.

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Office of Disciples Women, Indianapolis

Video series examines lives of Disciples women across church

Women's MinistriesAs every family comes to know, the wisdom of women cannot be overstated. Evidence of this is borne out in a new video series that interviews Disciples women from across the life of the church. Entitled simply “Wisdom of Women,” the series examines how women handle life’s many crossroads.

The “Wisdom of Women” is a series of video interviews with Disciples Women from across the life of the church that premiered at the 2010 Quadrennial Assembly. Touching on everything from how and when they heard a call on their lives to balancing wife, motherhood and career – nothing is off limits.

The DVD and study guide are designed to be used by women in any type of gathering. They may use it in groups, viewing one or more segments each meeting followed by discussion. They are also a wonderful study opportunity to use at home for your personal growth. However you choose to use this new resource, your life will be enriched by hearing and reflecting on the Wisdom of Women.

Volume 1 – Nancy Heimer – Rev. Nancy Heimer, retired Program Director in the Department of Church Women (now renamed Office of Disciples Women) is the first interviewee in this new educational series. Hear her reflection on becoming a clergy woman in the 70s, the challenges of prioritizing and balancing motherhood, marriage and career, the challenges and gifts she encountered as she learned to deal with losing her eyesight, and so much more. Study Guide.

Volume 2 – Melvia Fields – The first draft is complete. This volume will be released at General Assembly 2011 in Nashville, TN.

Volume 3 - To be announced

Offered through the Office of Disciples Women, each interview consists of 60 to 90 minutes of conversation and wisdom, edited into 13 short 6- to 10-minute segments. The videos are designed to be used by women in numerous gatherings. A study guide with questions for reflection and conversation after each segment will be available as a free download at and will accompany each DVD. To get the Wisdom of Women Volume 1 DVD, contact or call 888-346-2631.

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