Report from the Kentucky Council of Churches

Rev. Stephanie Moon, pastor with North Middletown Christian Church, attended the annual assembly of the Kentucky Council of Churches as a delegate for the Christian Church in Kentucky. She provided this report.

Kentucky Council of Churches

As a delegate attending on behalf of the Region, I am happy to report on another highly successful Annual Assembly of the Kentucky Council of Churches held October 22-23. Although it was a virtual assembly, it did not affect the quality of workshops, keynotes, and worship designed around the theme “The Golden Rule.” Much of the Assembly was recorded and will be made available on the Council’s YouTube channel. I encourage you to watch and learn from these exceptional presentations.

A point of pride is that we have so many Kentucky Disciples involved with the Council. The Executive Director is Rev. Dr. Don Gillett (Pastor, East Second Street Christian Church, Lexington); the newly commissioned President is Amanda Groves (an M.Div. student at Lexington Theological Seminary and Student Pastor, Millbrooke Christian Church in Hopkinsville). Disciples were represented in keynote addresses, workshops, and a stirring sermon preached by General Minister and President Rev. Terri Hord Owens during Thursday evening’s worship service. Our members-at-large include Perry Bentley (Lexington, Class of 2022) and Wade Miller (Hopkinsville, Class of 2023).

In addition to the human resources provided by Kentucky Disciples, the Council is also supported financially by the Christian Church in Kentucky. That makes our region, each church in the region, and each member of a church in the region a member of the Kentucky Council of Churches. I invite you to get involved with the Kentucky Council of Churches, representing 11 faith traditions and providing a united voice on justice issues facing Kentuckians. Thank you for the opportunity to attend as your delegate.

Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Moon

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