Regional Staff

Rev. Dr. Donald K. Gillett, II, Regional Minister, began his ministry with CCK on August 1, 2021.  Dr. Gillett served as the senior pastor of East Second Street Christian Church in Lexington for 22 years prior to being called as the CCK Regional Minister. Additionally, he has served on the Division of Overseas Ministries Board, General Board of the Christian Church, National Convocation Board and more recently as an adjunct faculty member at LTS and as Executive Director of the KCC.  Dr. Gillett believes in a table where all God’s children have a place.  Dr. Gillett’s email: don @ccinky.net

Rev. Molly Maupin Smothers, Associate Regional Minister, began her ministry with CCK on January 3, 2022. A large part of her ministry deals with Congregational Development. Molly also leads the planning for the Regional Assembly, is Secretary to the Regional Board and is District Minister for Districts 5 and 6. Molly’s e-mail: molly@ccinky.net

Rachel Nance Woehler, Transitional West Area Minister

Rev. Rachel Nance Woehler, West Area Regional Minister, began serving the West Area on October 1, 2019. In addition to serving the clergy and congregations of Districts 1, 2, and 3, Rachel also serves as a co-chair of the New Church Team for the Christian Church in Kentucky. She is also the church planter for Potluck Christian Church and a life-long member of First Christian Church, Madisonville. Rachel’s email: westareaminister@twc.com

Dave Carr Staff Consultant

Rev. Dave Carr serves as Staff Consultant to the Committee on the Ministry and provides oversight to Camp Wakon’Da Ho. He began his ministry with CCK in September of 2011.  Dave also serves as District Minister to District 8. Dave’s email: dave@ccinky.net

Marsha Thornton, Jr., Director of Women’s Ministries, began her ministry with CCK on May 1, 2022. Marsha’s e-mail: marsha@ccinky.net

Lon Oliver

Rev. Dr. Lon Oliver serves as District Minister to districts 10 and 11. He also directs the Disciples Appalachian Scholarship Ministry for Disciples Home Missions. He is also pastor to Nicholasville Christian Church. Lon’s email: lonoliver@mac.com

Rev. Josh Snyder, Associate Regional Minister, began his ministry with CCK in December 2022. The primary focus of his ministry is Faith Formation. He serves as Liaison to Youth Ministry, YMYAC and Reconciliation Ministry. He serves as district minister to District 7, visiting congregations twice a month, and serves as Treasurer to the Regional Board. Josh’s email: josh@ccinky.net

Rev. Chloe Specht is our Consultant to New Church Ministry, as well as the part-time Associate Minister at Woodland Christian Church in Lexington. Their primary ministry will be in coordinating new church starts, working alongside Rachel Nance Woehler and Syvoskia Bray Pope to enable 2-3 additional new churches in our Region. Chloe’s email: chloe@ccinky.net.

Sarah Hack is our Director of Communications. She edits our e-newsletter, CCK News, our quarterly newsletter, The Kentucky Christian, and handles our Social Media. Sarah’s email: communications@ccinky.net.

Support Staff

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