Disciples and COVID-19

With the emergence and spread of the new Coronavirus and COVID-19, congregations and faith leaders seek to understand their role and response. The Office of the General Minister and President (OGMP), in partnership with the National Benevolent Association and Week of Compassion, has responded with resources to help the church provide a thoughtful and faithful response.

In times like this, it is important the church remain both prayerful and thoughtful. We should continue in prayer for those already affected by the virus. We cannot predict the future, and so often uncertainty creates fear.

The best antidote to fear, though, is information coupled with faith. The Statement of Compassion and Care says it this way:

One antidote to fear can be information and planning. We encourage the sharing of guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus. Please share prevention strategies with your congregations and communities.

Please utilize the available resources to gain and share information. Consider how you manage regular risks, and continue to take precautions already in place. If your congregation is affected by the spread of COVID-19, please inform staff at Week of Compassion.

Congregations might consider preparing response plans. Mark Anderson, President of the National Benevolent Association, shared that organization’s guide for workplace safety and family care. This document may assist congregations in their planning.

With faith and information, the church can calm fears and provide care both in the congregation and the community.

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