Encounters with Angels 

I would like to have an encounter with an angel. I don’t require the whole heavenly host, just one angel would suit me. We are about to start the season of Advent when angels are all around. They are on the tops of our Christmas trees and in our Nativities, they are in the carols and children’s books. And angels, including a heavenly host, are throughout our Advent and Christmas Scriptures. An angel comes to Zechariah, to Joseph and Mary and to the Shepherds. I would really like to have an encounter with an angel too.

Through the years various people have shared with me their stories of encounters with angels. Some of the angels look like a regular person, one was described as a beautiful man dressed all in white riding a bicycle, many are a force that is felt but not seen, some angels are a glowing light and one friend encountered more than 12 angels with brown hair of varying lengths dressed in plain robes. The one thing these encounters have in common is the positive feeling the people are left with. They all express feeling peaceful or full of love.

Perhaps instead of waiting to encounter an angel, I need to focus on being like one. Instead of imagining what it would be like to meet an angel in my dreams or prayers I should practice leaving the people I meet with peace and love. It is not in my control to meet an angel this Advent season, but it is in my control to be kind, to be thoughtful and to be a vessel for God’s peace and love. As we go about our lives this Advent season, let us try to be the angels that we seek. 

Submitted by 
Carol Devine
Minister of Providence Christian Church, Nicholasville and
CCK Staff

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