A CCK Pastor Who Really Rocks!

Sometimes, we hear the phrase “He Rocks” or “She Rocks” when someone is describing how inspirational their pastor is.  And, while many of our Disciples congregations have pastors who metaphorically “rock”, First Christian Church in Shelbyville has a pastor that literally “rocks,” as in playing “rock and roll.”

Since 2009, Rev. David P. Charlton has faithfully served First Christian Church as their Senior Minister. David is well loved for the many ways he lovingly shepherds and cares for the congregation and is involved in the community.  They also enjoy his “hobby” of playing guitar in a well-known, local Christian rock band “Hush Harbor.”  Performing with the band is a continuation of David’s ministry.  He’s effective in spreading the Gospel from the pulpit, and from what I’ve seen and heard, he is effective from the stage as well, reaching countless folks, both churched and unchurched, through the use of music.

Hush Harbor began as a calling for drummer Scott Shireman in 2013. Starting with no other members or any experience playing “Christian” music, Scott set off on a quest to find additional men to join him in a music ministry. 

The name Hush Harbor comes from a term used during the antebellum era in America.  A hush harbor (or hush arbor, brush harbor or brush arbor) was a place where slaves gathered in secret to practice their religious traditions. Slaves were forced to organize and conduct these meetings in secret because the idea of slaves assembling without supervision left the owners in fear. The meetings were held after dark, once field and house chores were completed, and carried on late into the night. Slaves suffered severe punishments if they were caught in a hush harbor meeting.

There are still places around the world where people are beaten and often killed for the practice of Christianity. The band chose their name as a symbol of their mission and the gratitude they have to be able to so openly and boldly proclaim their faith in God.

Hush Harbor performs at a wide variety of events including Festivals, Youth Conferences, Church Events and Private Shows. Hush Harbor has shared the stage with such acts as The Newsboys, Sidewalk Prophets, Unspoken, JJ Weeks, Carrollton, VERIDIA, Jason Gray, Ryan Stevenson, Stephen Moore, Ryan Lynton, Iron Bell, the Rhett Walker Band and many more.

Learn more about the band and upcoming events by visiting the Hush Harbor webpage at www.hushharbor.com.  And, learn more about FCC, Shelbyville, by visiting fccshelbyville.org.

Linda Jones, CCK Associate Regional Minister

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