Year Book Reporting with ALEX

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The deadline for submitting Year Book reports has been extended until April 15. The extension provides more time for congregations to adapt to the new ALEX system.

96 Kentucky Disciples congregations reported prior to the March 15 deadline, and their feedback on using the new system has been generally positive. They have felt it was easier to use.

In order to help remaining congregations complete their reports, we are providing these video and other resources. To begin, you can download a worksheet that will help you prepare your answers before logging into the system.

If you have not yet logged in to ALEX, you may need a reminder of your user name. You can use the Forgot Username and Forgot Password link on the login page.

Here are other resources that may be helpful, including two videos that show a congregation completing and submitting the Year Book data in ALEX.

Meet ALEX: A Short Intro to the Year Book Database

Completing the Year Book Information: Southwest

A live walk through with a congregation completing the Year Book report in ALEX.

Completing the Year Book Report: Oklahoma