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Ecumenism, the working towards the visible unity of the Church of Jesus Christ, is as much a part of the legacy of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) as is the centrality of the Lord’s Supper in our worship. The Christian Church In Kentucky exercises its ecumenical commitments through its partnership within the Kentucky Council of Churches (KCC). Kentucky Disciples play a significant role in the ministry of the KCC throughout the Commonwealth.

It is through the KCC that the Church can speak with a more united voice against the injustices of our world. It is through the KCC that its member communions are reminded that the Church of Jesus Christ includes each of us but it also reminds us that the Church of Jesus Christ is so much larger than any one of us. The KCC gathers representatives of the different communions around tables of dialogue. It is around these ecumenical tables that the participants’ understanding of God, Christ, the church and the world is expanded and enriched in profound ways.

CCK welcomes the new President of the Kentucky Council of Churches, the Rev. Dr. Marian McClure Taylor.

Kentucky Council of Churches

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