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The Christian Church In Kentucky provides leadership training and resources for both clergy and laity. CCK provides leadership training for laity through our constituency and justice ministries. All of the retreats and conferences that CCK sponsors for women, men, youth and young adults are designed to increase the leadership capacities of the Kentucky Disciples who participate.

In addition, the leaders of those congregations who participate in CCK’s initiative, Surfing the Edge, receive even more capacity building for leadership in the changing world in which we live. This is a powerful experience that leads to congregational and personal transformation.

For clergy, leadership training is provided through the Committee on the Ministry and falls into two categories. Leadership training and resources are provided for those individuals “under care” who are seeking to become Commissioned Ministers. Currently, this happens through CCK’s annual Ministry School and through specially designed courses that occur at different times throughout the year. These courses are not limited to those individuals seeking commissioning. They are open to anyone who is seeking a greater understanding of the Christian faith. See the current listing of these courses below.

A second way the Committee on the Ministry provides leadership training is through workshops, seminars, and retreats for those ministers already ordained or commissioned. The COM develops events as needed and promotes relevant events planned by partner organizations.

2011 COM Resources Information

What are your colleagues reading? What CE events are they attending? The annual standing form that CCK minsters complete provide information on these kinds of resources. Below is a summary of all those resources submitted by CCK ministers in 2011. It is an impressive list. Happy reading!

2011 COM Resource Sheet

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We are 30,000 committed followers of Jesus who worship and witness in 240 local congregations. We are outdoor ministries in two locations, retreats, conferences, workshops and mission trips for women, men, young adults, youth and children. We are the hands that bless, serve, break bread, and offer welcome and hospitality. We are nearly 500 ordained, commissioned and licensed ministers serving in a variety of vital ministries. We are the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) In Kentucky, "a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world."

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