West Area Storm Update

As our Sisters and Brothers continue to deal with the devastation of Friday’s tornadoes, our West Area Pastors are asking that you continue to:

  1. Pray for all of the people whose lives have been overtaken by this storm. 
  2. Give to the Week of Compassion and designate your gift for Kentucky-tornado relief: https://www.weekofcompassion.org/donate.html.
  3. Do not attempt to come to Western Kentucky to assist, until there is a request for such assistance. 

Here are the updates I have received. Please know that conditions are changing and the attempt is to provide as much information as quickly as possible. 

Dawson Springs continues to be in a Search and Rescue phase. Volunteers and goods are not currently needed – they have plenty of goods with no distribution system. State Troopers and National Guard members are not allowing non-residents in the impacted areas. Volunteers are not yet needed, structures are either standing or are being bulldozed. Electricity is being restored slowly. Pastor Mike of First Christian Church, Dawson Springs tells the church to “Pray and Give to Week of Compassion, but do not come down yet.” There are 14 fatalities for Dawson Springs – First Christian Church has at least five displaced families and two persons that are seriously injured. 

Princeton, is attempting to salvage what is left from the damaged homes. Once again, out of town volunteers and goods are not currently needed. Electricity is slowly being restored, members are being contacted and Pastor Jonathan reported the church was not damaged, but there was damage to some members’ homes. 

Mayfield is attempting to salvage what is left from the damaged homes. Again, volunteers and goods are not currently needed (when they are, it would be wise to wear heavy-soled boots and work gloves). 

Rachel Nance Woehler, West Area Minister, was with Pastor Milton and members of First Christian Church, Mayfield on Sunday as they were trying to clear out important items from the building including historically significant items and important church records. Rachel joined First Christian Church and First Presbyterian Church in worship in the parking lot that sits between the two demolished church buildings. She also stopped by Second Christian Church in Mayfield to see the downed trees on their property. Thankfully the building was spared, but many members have had damage to their homes and are without utilities.

Bowling Green is cleaning up from the tornadoes and several families are displaced. First Christian Church is okay.

Other areas in Western Kentucky are still being affected by the lack of electricity, downed trees and electrical wires. Several churches did not hold online or in person services on Sunday, due to the impact of this storm on local infrastructure. 

I will continue to provide updates on the regional website, as they become available, so that we may all stay on top of this situation.  

Let us pray. Lord hear our prayer, we lift up the communities and families impacted by the storm. Lord, we continue to pray for your healing, strength and peace, in Jesus’ name, AMEN. 

Donald K. Gillett, II

Regional Minister

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) In Kentucky

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