Sunday’s West Area Storm Update

I would like to express my continued thanksgiving for the prayers and support you have offered our sisters and brothers in the western part of the state who were impacted by last weekend’s tornadoes.  

As we continue sharing our prayers and support, we see the CHURCH at work showing the LOVE of GOD. The following is an update from Rev. Rachel Nance Woehler, West Area Minister. 

  • First Christian Church, Hopkinsville sent a group to Dawson Springs to sort clothes donations on Saturday, Dec. 18. 
  • Second Christian Church, Mayfield has invited District 1 Disciples church groups to come to their building on Tuesday, Dec. 21, to help deliver (and possibly off-load into storage) the donated items that are currently housed in their Fellowship Hall. I’ll know more tonight if any of our District 1 churches respond to the call.
  • First Christian Church, Madisonville has organized a group of volunteers to go to Dawson Springs when the rain lets up (hopefully next week). 
  • Millbrooke Christian Church, Hopkinsville has collected a load of items and is currently striving to get those to an in-take location (most locations are not accepting items right now). 
  • Members at Second Christian Church, Mayfield worked with Jim Michaels of DCEF to help set up donated generators in their church building to get them through the weekend. They are hoping that power might be restored in the next few days, as utility workers are in the neighborhood. 
  • In addition to helping preserve and clean First Christian Church, Mayfield’s archives, Ruth Ragovin at First Christian Church, Murray is helping St. Matthews By the Lake Lutheran Church in Benton recruit volunteers to staff gift-wrapping booths at the state parks for all of the donated toys that are coming in. She has emailed many of our area pastors to see if their churches want to join in.
  • Pembroke Christian Church opened up their Cornerstone Ministry to give away items to those in need in the Pembroke and Christian County community
  • First Christian Church, Bowling Green is hosting a work crew (Hope Force) in their basement and expanding their food pantry ministry. 
  • I believe that First Christian Church, Benton hosted or will be hosting a blood drive. 
  • First Christian Church, Paducah is connecting with several local ministries that they have partnerships with, since their town has received many of the displaced people from Mayfield.
  • First Christian Church, Princeton organized groups along with First Christian Church, Madisonville to help two of their members retrieve items from the wreckage. 
  • First Christian Church, Madisonville is taking up a monetary collection at their Live Drive-thru Nativity on Sunday. 
  • Ilsley Christian Church has been helping members and neighbors at their homes. 
  • First Christian Church, Earlington is hosting utility workers in their building. 

Let us continue to: Pray, Give, and Get Organized 

I will continue to provide updates on the regional website as they become available, so that we may all stay on top of this situation.  

Let us pray. Lord as you are love, we are thankful for the love expressed so far to our brothers and sisters in the western part of our state, and across other states that were impacted by the storms, by those who understand the nature of love. Lord we say thank you, that you are right here with us as expressed in Emmanuel. We ask for your peace and joy and continued strength in Jesus’ name.  AMEN. 

Donald K. Gillett, II

Regional Minister

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) In Kentucky

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