No Camp at Wakon’Da-Ho This Summer

The Region, in collaboration with the Camp Wakon’Da-Ho Site Committee, has decided that due to the coronavirus pandemic, it would be unwise and unsafe to host any camps this year at Camp Wakon’Da-Ho. Wakon’Da-Ho joins Camp Kum Ba Ya in the decision not to hold camps this season.

The cabin housing and the communal dining facility at camp make it impossible for us to provide for the CDC’s social distancing recommendations. We believe there is no way to conduct camp without risking the health of the campers, adult staff and employees.

This was a very difficult conclusion for all of us to reach, however, we are confident that it is in the best interest of all involved. We will still provide some virtual summer programs for our camp age children and youth. Please watch for future communications about how you can participate in these activities.

We will refund all registration fees in full and there will be no charges associated with our virtual programming. We will be selling a souvenir t-shirt, the proceeds of which will help with the utility, payroll and maintenance expenses that the camp incurs whether or not campers are there. Instructions on ordering the shirts will be made public at the same time as our virtual plans.

Thank you for supporting and participating in our outdoor ministries. Our camps are special places and the memories made there last a lifetime.

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