Regional Minister Search Underway

In accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of the Christian Church in Kentucky, the following people have been selected and confirmed by the Regional Board on June 7, 2019, to lead the process of calling a Regional Minister:

  • Laura Barkhauer
  • Linda Creason
  • Paul Jackson
  • Darrell Hayden
  • Antonio Sherrill
  • Syvoskia Pope
  • Kory Wilcoxson, chair

The search team received an orientation on June 8 with the Regional Minister Search Partner, John Mobley. John serves as the Regional Minister in Alabama/Northwest Florida. April Johnson, Minister for Reconciliation for the Disciples, led the Team through Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation Training. The Team also received an encouraging phone call from Rev. Dr. Terri Hord Owens, General Minister and President.

The integrity of this process requires the participation of the members of the church gathered throughout the Kentucky Region. Each voice is very important. The first task of the Search Team will be to develop a profile of our Region that will enable prospective candidates to have a better understanding of the Region, its hopes and dreams for the work of the church throughout the Region.

To help gather input, the Search Team has created an online survey to be shared with church members.

Take the Search Team Survey

A printable paper version of the survey is also available. We encourage you to distribute this to people who aren’t comfortable with an online survey, or use it with small group gatherings (e.g., Sunday School classes) to get feedback for our process. Completed forms can be scanned and returned by email or mailed to:

Regional Minister Survey
c/o Crestwood Christian Church
1882 Bellefonte Dr.
Lexington, KY 40503

The Search Team has also created a blog so that the Region can follow along with their work.

The Regional Minister Search Team welcomes your input and ideas. And they covet your prayers as they move forward in a way that will honor and glorify God.

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