Ministry Story of North Middletown Christian Church

North Middletown Christian Church serves as the anchor of the small, rural, Bourbon County Community of North Middletown.  The congregation is a very close-knit group and there are members of the church who have ancestors that worshipped at Cane Ridge.  Though the church is not large, they have a huge footprint in North Middletown and the surrounding area.  The last Sunday in July (always), the church hosts an Ice Cream Supper that is epic. Because the timing doesn’t change, people remember it and come from all over.  It is sponsored by the choir, and they charge a nominal amount. The money collected is used to fund the musical ministries for the year (which includes guest musicians every 5th Sunday, organ tuning, piano tuning, etc.).  More than a fundraiser, it is like a community reunion. This has been going on for 56 years or more. The fellowship hall is packed, and there is generally a good spirit among everyone who attends.

This is one of the rare opportunities to bring the entire community together.  The church property is one of only a few spaces that can host large gatherings.  The Ice Cream Supper is a secular event, there is no preaching or worship, but the congregation welcomes everyone with Christian hospitality.

The church also is proud of its rich tradition of feeding people.  The entire congregation pitches in to provide wonderful bereavement meals.  The ministry of the people during these times of grief brings a glimmer of hope in the wake of mourning.  The church also helped start the local food bank many years ago and is still the second largest donor to the program.  This is remarkable since North Middletown CC is nowhere near the second largest church in Bourbon County.

North Middletown still has a community elementary school and the church has a very vital ministry to the children.  They do a school supply drive, an Undie Sunday collection, and sponsor the local Angel Tree.  They also contribute generously to the Bourbon County backpack feeding program.  Every month the youth of the church collect granola bars, crackers, and money to contribute to this ministry.  Once the items are collected, members of the congregation dedicate their time packing and delivering the food. 

North Middletown Kentucky is a small community, but at its center is a church with a big heart and history.

Submitted by
Dave Carr
CCK Staff

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