Ministry Story of First Christian Church, Somerset

It is important in ministry to regularly evaluate what we do and why are doing it. A few years ago, FCC Somerset realized that their VBS no longer attracted many children outside their own congregation. If they wanted VBS to be for the community, they needed to do things differently.  The first thing they tried was to reach low-income families, through invitations and flyers in food bags, but no new children attended. They realized that they needed to go to where the children were instead of expecting them to show up.

By making contacts with one of the public housing complexes, in 2017 they took VBS on the road. They brought food in every night, played games and taught the faith. It took a lot of work and many volunteers, but it was a great success. In 2018 they went to a different housing project and did not have as many kids. They are not sure where they will go in 2019, but they are so thankful for the experiences they have had and the people they met. 

The most important lesson they have learned is that in this new season of life for congregational ministry, we must be willing to ask hard questions and change how we do things. If we truly want to answer Jesus’ Great Commission, we must go outside the walls and doors of our church buildings.

For more information, please be in touch with Rev. Steve Lesher, Senior Minister at

Submitted by Carol Devine
CCK Staff
Minister of Providence Christian Church, Nicholasville

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