Looking at the Gospel Anew

When I started to get serious about photography, I discovered how superficially I was seeing the world around me.  I needed to see creation anew.  I first turned to my friend Chuck Summers.  His blog “seeing creation” (http://www.seeingcreation.com), invited me to move beyond the cursorily glance and to drink deeply of my surroundings.  It was then that I discovered the photography and essays of Andreas Feininger.  Feininger was not only one of the most respected photographers of his generation but a gifted writer.  In his book, The Perfect Photograph, Feininger warns, “as long as our photographs look just like the images taken by other good photographers, we should be just a little ashamed, because we are still looking at the world through the eyes of others.”

I deeply believe that pastors must embrace the Gospel anew.  We must frame the images of Jesus’ with our own eyes and know the Gospel message in our hearts.  If our images of Jesus and the disciples look just like the images “taken” by other good Christians, we should be just a little ashamed, because we are still looking at Jesus through the eyes of others.  Frame your own image of God’s good news.  Focus on Jesus.  Zoom in on Mary’s face—is she smiling or troubled.  How about Peter?  Is he marching along in pompous pride, or do you see the shadows of doubt in his eyes?  Are the woman disciples in the foreground or being pushed aside by church tradition?  Are you in the picture?

Friends, make every hour of Jesus life, death, and resurrection a window to your own faith.  From the annunciation to ascension, you must be fully present.  No second-hand images are needed or welcome.  Focus.  See anew.  Now, push the shutter release on your faith. 

Lon Oliver
CCK Staff/Pastor of Nicholasville CC

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