A Lively Tradition Out West

West Area Disciples, with 40 churches west of I-65, is a part of the Christian Church in Kentucky.  One of the oldest traditions in the West Area is the group known as the Far West Disciple Men.   This group of men from the ten churches on the far west side of our Region has been meeting every month for more than 60 years!

There is a rotation of meeting places in the geographic direction of this group of churches so everyone knows where the next meeting will be.  Of course, there is always room for trading dates and places, but largely, the schedule works for the group. Each month about 25-30 men from these churches gather for dinner and a program. 

The host church provides the meal and the speaker or program.  A wide variety of subjects have been covered over these 60+ years. This includes the first speech in 2016, by the then-new West Area minister, Beth Dobyns, who has been graciously welcomed into the group even though she is female. Other programs have included information about ministry projects in this country and around the world, Clarks Rivers wildlife refuge, woodworking, Land Between the Lakes information, and always information and updates from the West Area and Camp Kum-Ba-Ya.

This group of men, now into their second and third generation of attendees, has been faithful in taking offerings every meeting—one for Christian Care Communities and one for Camp Kum-Ba-Ya.  Over these years, this group has raised well over $150,000!  Their commitment has been strong and unwavering, and the Far West Men are always looking for projects to do at the Camp.  Work days are scheduled a couple of times a year, and the group funds materials and provides volunteers for many projects and repairs needed at the camp.

It is always good to see the power of conversation as this group gathers the third Tuesday of every month.  People gather and take time to visit with one another and to welcome newcomers to the group.  Prayer concerns among the churches are always brought together, and prayers are lifted up.  Lots of good jokes are shared, and we always find out about interesting projects going on around our area and the region.   It’s a simple but effective formula:  good food + decent humans + interesting ideas/conversation = an evening well worth the time and the drive.

Beth Dobyns
CCK Staff


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