Ministry Story of Beargrass, CC, Louisville

For more than 20 years, Family Scholar House has worked diligently to support single-parent students. The mission of Family Scholar House is, “To end the cycle of poverty and transform the community by empowering families and youth to succeed in education and achieve life-long self-sufficiency. The families we serve are all very low-income, have all experienced homelessness or unstable housing, and all are seeking to break this cycle of poverty through education.”

This is an organization that has captured the hearts of the children of Beargrass Christian Church.  Beargrass CC’s Children’s Minister, Rev. Steven Straub, reports, “For the past 8 years, our children have been involved with the Family Scholar House here in Louisville, in that they provide a Christmas surprise of a pair of pajamas and a book for the children of the many mothers who benefit from housing and educational opportunities provided by the organization.”  Some of the women involved in the educational program are homeless, live in other short-term housing, and/or live in their cars.  So, instead of buying toys that take up much-needed space in temporary housing or in cars, for those who make them their homes, children are gifted much more practical, but nonetheless, welcomed and needed items.  Each new pair of pajamas is a “luxury” to the children who receive them, according to Rev. Straub, providing comfort and warmth during this holiday season. Of course, the books are always welcome. The children can work on their own reading skills while their mothers continue their education, all to make a better life for themselves and their children.

The Beargrass children decorate Christmas bags for each child and help in picking out the pajamas and books for their gifts.

Rev. Straub also states, “This ministry gives our young children a chance to reach out to others and learn about compassion.”  They know the children who are recipients of the gifts are just that, “children,” like themselves.  The church’s involvement in this program introduces its young members to compassion and caring for others.  I would dare to say, they are indeed learning that “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…”

Thank you, Beargrass children, for giving us all a glimpse into what it means to live out the love of Christ.  Merry Christmas and God bless you all!

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Linda Jones
CCK Staff

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