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Taking the Plunge into the Oceanic Expanse of the Blogging World

Linda Jones, Beth Dobyns, and I, when combined, have over sixty-five years of regional ministry experience. We have worked with the church in all its parts – congregations, regions and general ministries. We have been privileged to observe the interplay between pastors and the members of their congregations; the relationships congregations have with other congregations, the region, and general ministries; the collegiality and support among pastors; and, the impact of CCK generated ministries on the whole of CCK. Each comes with all the wonders and warts human interactions offer. Each is a growth experience.

In this blog, Beth, Linda, and I, along with Dave Carr, Carol Divine, Lon Oliver, and other guests will share with you what ministry looks like from our vantage points. We encourage constructive dialogue with other vantage points throughout the life of the church so that we all may learn together. We will monitor (and block as needed) the comments that cross the line of respect and decency to ensure that they are in keeping with the spirit of this blog.

God bless!